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5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness – $56.95

Posted on 26 December 2013 by James Robinson

My review informs you, in no uncertain terms, if 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness is a sure thing or something best avoided. Let me say first of all, before you read any further, that I am proud to have the inside track as far as sporting and gaming products go, so supply you with tons of valuable information that will enable you to decide if 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness is a clear winner or if it fails to make the cut. However, before you move to fast, I must tell you this is data that I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time researching and compiling for you, (to the irritation of my wife), so that you don’t end up buying the wrong thing and as yet, I haven’t had the chance to check out it personally. So, you may ask, what’s included in this assessment? In a nutshell, all you should wish to know about 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness. In depth, I include a variety of ratings that the product’s received, as well as price, where you can purchase it and essential info about the seller too. I’ve also done research on the seller’s additional items and offers and at the end of my review will give you my own score for 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness too. All of the details I include will permit you to make your buying decision, so I can assure you that if I think a product’s a clear safe bet or a false starter, I’ll let you know. If you want to understand how this works a little better, this can be done on this link. If you’re intrigued about how this process works, you can find out more here

Quick details lookup

5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness Product Name 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness
Standard Price $56.95
Website http://www.golffitnesschallen
Our Rating 43.43/100
Category Sports Golf
Special Offers Yes
Bonus Available Yes
I’m quite confident that, looking at this review on 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness, you’ll have enough information to make up your mind about whether you want to go through with a purchase or not. All things considered, nothing at all is worse than spending money on something that turns out to be a nonstarter? I’ve compiled all the best bits for you, from product sales and return figures to some of the retailer’s other offers so I’d expect, by the end of my report, that you’ll be as well informed about the product as me. With that, let there be no more hesitation, let’s dive straight in to the good stuff. So, if you would still like to play ball – let’s get cracking with the assessment itself.

Sales Performance

Right, so you probably would like to know how I rank the products I review. Well first of all I can assure you that I do so in a sportsmanlike manner and take all available information into consideration, with the most obvious being sales numbers. There’s no guesswork involved here as I’m able to see the product sales statistics from the payment processor who deals with all the purchases for the vendor. The sales figures are summarized by something the payment processor calls Gravity. Products are given a score between 0 – 1000+ and this tells us how well, or how badly it’s been selling. 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness has obtained a Gravity of 5.02227. I prefer my own ranking system because Gravity can usually get quite complex simply because scores can be so disproportionate. My ranking system is weighted and out of 100, which means that anyone will be able to see unmistakably if a product’s a high flyer or a bottom feeder. My system ranks products between 0 and 100 and does so by comparing the product in question to all the others on my site. I have given 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness a score of 39.89/100. This indicates that it’s been selling moderately well, however, it would be better if it could pick up speed.

Does it get a lot of returns?

Moving on, I now want to concentrate on informing you about the merchant. This will include letting you know about the other products they are offering, as well as giving you some insight into how many returns they’ve had. The Overall Refund rate considers every one of the merchant’s products, not just 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness, so don’t forget this when it comes to the ranking itself. Products are ranked between 1 and 5 with 1 meaning that a product’s seen a ton of refunds and with 5 meaning it’s a low scorer, which in the refund sense is excellent! If you see a product with a score of 3, it means that it’s a new entry or there is not enough info available at this point. So, with this is mind what has 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness obtained? It has been scored at 3. What this means is the overall rate of returns is very reasonable and definitely nothing to worry about.

The website’s domain – what you should know

Next on my plan is to talk you through the domain, The first is to find out about how well established the site is. Why? I hear you ask. Well, the more established a website is, the more dependable it should be, which means you can be safe in the knowledge you’re investing in a product from a well-known, trusted vendor. So, first things first – how many webpages does have? Well, I’ve counted and it has 1, this isn’t very many, suggesting that the site is not that old or well established, or isn’t listed on Google. currently has 1. Having this number of pages tends to mean the site isn’t that old and so probably isn’t all that established – however, everyone starts somewhere!. This process is, you might say, kind of similar to how a football club chooses its manager – in any case who would go with a novice; no one. You’d never choose somebody who hasn’t won any medals and isn’t a specialist. However, these have to be quality links – coming from web sites that are an authority in their own right and not simply spamming web sites. You dont want to see a lot of links coming from the same blog, even if the owner is sports crazy. Instead you want to see lots of links coming from well-established, reliable and relevant web-sites. Investigating, we can see that they have 178. This gives it an authority score of 12.14/100. This isn’t too positive a rating, although there’s always time to improve on the number of backlinks that they currently have. Just as you would research a rival before a big game, you should always look into the domain’s registration details, which I have. I can see that Susan Hill registered the domain and if you’re interested in looking into this in more detail, click here.

Is the vendor selling other products?

In terms of other research I’ve done, take a look at the vendor’s additional products:. It’s always decent to know what else can be bought, so I can tell you that 12 additional products can be found on this vendor’s web site. Be sure you have a decent look around at the products because, even if you aren’t interested in buying, you’ll be able to find out a lot more about the merchant. Here’s the product list: 5 Golf Fitness Books Plus Faults and Fixes ($56.95), 5 Golf Fitness Books Plus Junior Fitness ($56.95), Amateur ($47.00), Body for Golf ($39.00), Body for Golf + Senior Fitness + Physical Faults and Fixes ($37 + $18) ($55.00), Body for Golf Program Plus Physical Faults and Fixes ($37 + $9) ($46.00), Body for Golf Program Plus Senior Fitness ($37 + $9) ($46.00), ($199.00), Champion ($249.00), Golf Fitness Players Package ($35.00), OGA Golf Fitness Challenge ($49.00) and Pro ($79.00) .

Current Specials

I’d never forget to include special offers! 4 special offers are available currently, plus additional upgrades. If you are an eager beaver much like me, you can buy now by clicking on the relevant links:
Name Price Buy Now
10 10 10 Special $10.00 Buy Now
Body for Golf Summer Special $37.00 Buy Now
Golf Fitness Special Sale $37.00 Buy Now
OGA Golf Special $119.00 Buy Now

Where to Buy

I don’t mind spending a decent length of time on the web searching through various sports or gaming products trying to find deals or reductions in price. However, I know this isn’t everyone’s bag. As a result, I’ve the pleasure of informing you that you only have to go to one place online. You literally can’t find this anywhere else other than In the case that you’re not able to find what you’re looking for on the website, don’t panic. Check to see if you’ve got any unopened emails in your inbox or even spam, as these may contain the special or the link to the product that you’re after. The hyperlink to buy the product will be detailed somewhere in that email. Lots of people complain they can’t find something first, only to find it’s actually their error, they just haven’t looked hard enough. So check first, complain later. You can also just click on any of the product links I’ve included in this assessment and you’ll be taken straight through to the appropriate product page.

Bonus Offer

I told you right at the start of this match report, or critique for those who don’t share my love of sports language, if you decide to buy any of the items detailed on this website after clicking on my links, it may result in me getting a commission. To level the playing area, I’d for that reason like to give you a bonus. To find out what this consists of, simply click here.
The 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness Homepage

The 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness Homepage

Product: 5 Golf Fitness Downloads Plus Senior Fitness
Reviewed By: James Robinson
Reviewed on: 2013-12-26
Overall score: 43.43
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