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Hearthstone Mastery Trial

Posted on 19 May 2015 by James Robinson

My review tells you, in no uncertain terms, if Hearthstone Mastery Trial is a good product or something best avoided. Let me say first of all, before you read any further, that I am proud to have the inside track as far as sporting products go, so supply you with a ton of useful information that will help you to decide if Hearthstone Mastery Trial is a definite slam dunk or if it fails to make the grade. Precisely what does my match report have in store for you then? Well, I’ve found out a number of ratings this product’s been given, which will be useful for you in terms of working out where it stands up against other products in the market. I’ve also got you the price, purchasing info and important details on the vendor too. So, you may ask, what’s included in this evaluation? In a nutshell, all you should wish to know about Hearthstone Mastery Trial. In depth, I include a variety of ratings that the product has received, as well as price, where you can purchase it and essential info regarding the seller too. I’ve also done research on the seller’s additional items and offers and at the end of my review will give you my own score for Hearthstone Mastery Trial too. Should you go on to buy Hearthstone Mastery Trial, you might be interested to know that I might receive a commission due to your purchase. If, after reading my match report, you decide you want to go for it and purchase Hearthstone Mastery Trial, please bear in mind that I might be given a commission. So, if you want to get the ball rolling and find out more about me personally and how this all works, feel free to click here

Info Sheet

Hearthstone Mastery Trial Product Name Hearthstone Mastery Trial
Standard Price $1
Our Rating 41.57/100
Category Games Strategy Guides
Special Offers No
Bonus Available Yes
I’m quite confident that, after reading this review on Hearthstone Mastery Trial, you will have enough info to make up your mind about whether you would like to go through with a purchase or not. After all, nothing could possibly be worse than spending money on something that ends up being rubbish? I’ve put together the best bits for you, from product sales and refund figures to some of the vendor’s other offers so I’d expect, by the end of my report, that you’ll be as well informed about the product as I am. So to help you make your mind up about it, I’ll explain to you the sales figures, including refund information and all the other things the vendor is selling. So, if you still want to play ball – let’s get going with the assessment itself.

How’s it been selling?

I am an extremely fair reviewer and will always take as much into consideration as possible when taking you through all the ratings a product’s obtained. To begin with, I check out the sales figures, which are provided by the payment processor being used by the vendor. These figures are clearly crucial to you, as you need to understand how well an item has been selling so that you can make your purchasing decision in as much of an informed manner as is possible. The sales statistics are summed up by something the payment processor calls Gravity. Products are given a score between 0 – 1000+ and this tells us how well, or how poorly it’s been selling. Hearthstone Mastery Trial has obtained a Gravity of 5.48941. Now, I’m an internet marketer not a statistician and whilst I’ve managed to get my head round this system, I am aware that others can find it confusing. I’ve for that reason devised my very own weighted ranking system, which helps you to see clearly which products on this web page are leading the pack or are at risk of relegation. I give all the goods I review a score out of 100 and Hearthstone Mastery Trial has been ranked 33.01/100, which in this instance would mean it’s sold quite nicely but it could definitely do with selling a great deal more.

Does it get a lot of returns?

Now, I said earlier that I’d walk you through similar products sold by the vendor so you could have a fair chance at seeing which product would probably suit you best. I start this in the shape of the Overall Merchant Rate of returns, another score from the payment processor. So, this time around the rating’s not just about Hearthstone Mastery Trial but all of the merchant’s products. Products are scored between 1 and 5 with 1 meaning that a product’s seen quite a number of returns and with 5 meaning it’s a low scorer, which in the returns sense is great! If you see a product with a score of 3, it means that it is a new entry or there is not enough info available as yet. With this score system in mind, Hearthstone Mastery Trial has been graded at 3. What this means is that this vendor is performing reasonably well – even though they have had some returns, this is to be expected, so nothing to be concerned about.

The website’s domain – what you need to know

Next on my plan is to talk you through the domain, It’s important, when researching any product you can buy on the internet, to check out the website so that you can determine how long it’s been around, how reliable it is and how much of an authority in its particular specific niche market, it is. The more you can find out about, the better as it will give you great understanding of whether or not you should risk buying Hearthstone Mastery Trial. The best place to start is checking how large the site is – how many pages it’s got. has 4, which is a good clue that the website hasn’t been around that long and is as a result unlikely to be established in the niche market. This process is, you might say, kind of similar to how a rugby club chooses its manager – in any case who would choose a rookie; nobody. You’d never choose someone that hasn’t won any trophies and isn’t a guru. In the case of, it has 0 and an authority ranking of 26.28/100. Investigating, we can see that they have 0. This gives it an authority score of 26.28/100. This isn’t too good a rating, although there is always time to improve on the number of back links that they currently have. Just as you would study a opponent before a big game, it is recommended to look into the domain’s registration details, which I have. I can see that WHOISGUARD PROTECTED registered the domain and if you’re thinking about looking into this in greater detail, click here.

Is the vendor selling other products?

Being sport crazy, I’ve also done some research into every one of the other items that the retailer’s selling. There is currently 3 additional products for sale from this retailer. Be sure you have a decent look around at the products because, even though you aren’t interested in buying, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about the product owner. Here is the product list: Hearthstone Mastery ($17.00), HM Advanced Strategies ($22.00) and HM Pro Decks + Advanced Strategies + Monthly Deck Report ($37.00) .

Where to Buy

I don’t mind spending a decent period of time online searching through various sports or gaming products searching for deals or reductions in price. However, I am aware this isn’t everyone’s bag. As a result, I’ve the pleasure of informing you that you only have to go to one place online. You actually can’t find this any place else other than If, by chance, you’re unable to locate something you want on the web site, make sure to check your spam or even just your inbox for emails that contain product or special offer links. You can also just click on any of the product links I’ve included in this review and you’ll be taken straight through to the appropriate product page.

Special Offer

I mentioned right at the start of this match report, or assessment for those who don’t share my love of sports vocabulary, if you decide to buy any of the products detailed on this web site after clicking on my links, it may result in me receiving a commission. This is ideal for me but what do you get? Well, I’ve made a decision to thank you in my own unique way through the channel of a special bonus offer. If this is something that interests you, please don’t hesitate to click right here.
The Hearthstone Mastery Trial Homepage

The Hearthstone Mastery Trial Homepage

Product: Hearthstone Mastery Trial
Reviewed By: James Robinson
Reviewed on: 2015-05-19
Overall score: 41.57
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