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Posted on 15 January 2016 by James Robinson

My review tells you, in no uncertain terms, if Zodiac Love Code is a good product or something best avoided. Let me first tell you, before you read any further, that I am proud to have the inside scoop as far as sporting products are concerned, so supply you with tons of valuable information that will enable you to decide if Zodiac Love Code is a definite winner or if it fails to make the grade. Although I haven’t yet had a chance to test the product, my research efforts to collate all of this info have taken up a good amount of my time, so I’m happy to state my review is as complete as possible. It will definitely assist you decide whether you want to play ball or not. In addition to all this info, I also work out my own easy to understand rating, which can help you make your final decision on whether to buy. All of this will allow you to make up your own mind about whether it’s worth your money or not. One important thing I’ve got to tell you about just before you read any more is that if you do decide to buy Zodiac Love Code, I could get a commission. So, if you want to get started and learn more about me personally and how this all works, feel free to click here

Quick info sheet

Zodiac Love Code Product Name Zodiac Love Code
Standard Price $39.95
Website http://www.zodiaclovecode.com
Our Rating 45.28/100
Category Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs Astrology
Special Offers No
Bonus Available Yes
I hope that my review’s going to allow you to decide if Zodiac Love Code will be worth your hard earned money. Really, all you need to know is that your money isn’t going to be wasted. I realize this, so make every effort to detail all the positives and negatives that will make your decision a lot easier to make. I’ll tell you about the all-important sales and refund figures, along with other products available on the market from the vendor, that may be on offer. Right, no more pre-match chat; why don’t we get started on the review.

How’s it been selling?

Right, so you probably want to know how I rank the items I review. Well to start with I can promise that I do so in a professional manner and take all available information into account, with the most obvious being sales figures. There’s no guess work involved here as I’m able to see the product sales numbers from the payment processor who deals with all the purchases for the vendor. The payment processor provides a rating for the product by would mean of something they call Gravity, which basically shows you how well or poorly the product’s been selling on a scale between 0 and 1000+. Zodiac Love Code has scored a Gravity of 5.8189. Now, I know from experience that Gravity is not always clear to people, so I made a decision to develop my own weighted ranking system. I’ve found this a lot easier to understand, so I hope you will too. My system rates products between 0 and 100 and does so by comparing the product in question to all the others on my web site. My system ranks products between 0 and 100 and does so by comparing the product in question to all the others on my site. I’ve given Zodiac Love Code a rank of 43.65/100. This suggests that it’s been selling moderately well, however, it would be better if it could pick up speed.

Are there many refunds?

Now, I said earlier that I’d walk you through similar products sold by the vendor so you could have a fair chance at seeing which product would possibly suit you very best. The Overall Refund rate considers every one of the merchant’s products, not just Zodiac Love Code, so don’t forget this when it comes to the score itself. Products are scored between 1 and 5 with 1 meaning that a product’s seen lots of refunds and with 5 meaning it is a low scorer, which in the refund sense is wonderful! If you see a product with a score of 3, it means that it is a new entry or there is not enough info available yet. So, with this is mind what has Zodiac Love Code obtained? It has been ranked at 3. What this means is the overall refund rate is very acceptable and without a doubt nothing to worry about.

The site’s domain – what you should know

Next on my plan is to talk you through the domain, zodiaclovecode.com. It’s important, when researching any product you can buy online, to research the web site so that you can gauge how long it’s been around, how dependable it is and how much of an authority in its particular niche market, it is. The more you can find out about zodiaclovecode.com, the better as it will give you great insight into if you should risk buying Zodiac Love Code. The best place to start is checking how large the website is – how many pages it’s got. zodiaclovecode.com has 3, which is a decent indicator that the web site hasn’t been around that long and is for that reason unlikely to be well-known in the niche market. Another really good way to find out about a site’s reliability is to take a look at the number of back-links that they have. These are typically links that come into the website, from other websites. Of course, the more backlinks a web site has, the more we can say that they’re an authority in the specific niche market because others want to link across to them. zodiaclovecode.com has 0. This gives it an authority ranking of 46.41/100. This isn’t an awesome score but having said that, is perfectly reasonable and shows that there are quite a few other sites wanting to link across, which is positive. Just as you would research a opponent before a big game, it is wise to look into the domain’s registration details, which I have. By way of example, as far as the domain goes, it’s registered under Oneandone Private Registration, (if you need to go into more detail about this registration, you can find more info here).

Is the merchant selling additional products?

When it comes to other research I’ve done, take a look at the vendor’s additional products:. There’s currently 4 additional products available for sale from this vendor. There is no harm in investigating the additional products. After all, there’s no pressure to buy and it also helps you figure out what kind of merchant they are too. The product list from this merchant is as follows: Astro Texting ($97.00), Evoking Venus ($19.95), Ultimate Celestial Love System ($99.95) and Zodiac Love Code + "venus Unleashed" Free Trial (insane Deal!) ($39.95) .

Where to Buy

I really enjoy spending time on the internet, whether I’m looking at the latest sports scores, reading news articles or even researching multiple product prices. However, I know the last thing I’ve listed, typically, can drive others crazy and you can end up spending hours scouring the net searching for the best price. In this case, however, you simply have one place to go. You won’t find this for sale offline or anywhere else on the web in fact. It’s only available by visiting zodiaclovecode.com. If, by chance, you’re not able to locate something you want on the site, make sure to check your junk mail or even just your inbox for emails that contain product or special links. Or, you should use any of the relevant links above too. Simply clicking on any of them will take you through to the relevant product page, where you can make your purchase.

Bonus Offer

I told you right at the start of this match report, or assessment for those who don’t share my love of sporting terminology, if you decide to buy any of the items detailed on this website after clicking on my links, it may result in me receiving a commission. To level the playing area, I’d therefore like to give you a bonus. Simply click here to find out more about this bonus.
The Zodiac Love Code Homepage

The Zodiac Love Code Homepage

Product: Zodiac Love Code
Reviewed By: James Robinson
Reviewed on: 2016-01-15
Overall score: 45.28
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